About Me

I am a Software Developer from the Bay Area. I'm passionate about mobile apps, streaming audio and IoT. I love creating products that delight users. Currently, I'm an iOS Engineer at Tiny Garage Labs.

When not working, you might find me at a hackathon or an EDM/Alternative concert in the area or occasionally exploring the limits of traction on my car tires at the racetracks.

We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.
- Chuck Palahniuk

Recent Work

Tiny Garage Labs, Lead iOS Engineer
Mar 2016 - Present   |   Palo Alto, CA
- Brewing up a new platform for personalized audio content
- Limited invite only beta coming soon

Coursera, iOS Engineer
Jan 2015 - Mar 2016   |   Mountain View, CA
- Built an app serving 1500 courses to over 10 million Coursera learners globally
- Authored modules for search, assessments and offline experience
- Wrote new modules in Swift and maintained old ones in Objective-C

Listicle, iOS Engineer
2014   |   Mountain View, CA
- Prototyped, designed and launched Listicle’s first app
- Implemented native support for creating/reading media rich articles
- Leveraged open-source frameworks for short turnaround time for MVP

Disney Mobile, Game Developer Intern
2013   |   Palo Alto, CA
- One of four developers behind “Star Wars: TinyDeathStar” mobile game
- Wrote cross platform game features for iOS and Android using Cocos2d-x engine
- Product won IGN’s Best Mobile Sim Game of the Year award
- Responsible for developing gameplay features such as game currency, language localization and push notification services
- Collaborated with graphic designers and audio engineers for game design


I really love hackathons and recommend them to every student and aspiring developer I meet. Here are some of the apps I built at recent hackathons.

CopyCat @ GreyLock Techfest

August 2014, Medium HQ | Won first place

CopyCat, an iOS hack, lets users do contextual searches from any app simply by copying text. No need to leave current app or to jailbreak. Video Demo (45 secs)

WeCharge @ BMW HackTheDrive

Jan 2015. Navdy HQ, San Francisco | Won first place

WeCharge App fixes the under utilization of electric vehicle chargers by leveraging cloud connected abilities of cars and charging stations. More at hackthedrive.com

Fashin @ AngelHack Silicon Valley

June 2013, PayPal HQ

We built Fashin, an iPhone app that lets users get on-demand fashion advice from professional stylists.

- Tied first place win at Hackathon
- Best API use award from PayPal
- Part of AngelHack's three month AngelHack Hackcelerator pre-accelerator program

WeAssist @ Microsoft Imagine Cup

April 2013, Microsoft Silicon Valley HQ

Our Microsoft Imagine Cup entry, WeAssist, is a Windows Phone app that lets users send out help requests to friends as well as nearby people. 

This project qualified as one of the top three finalists of Microsoft Imagine Cup U.S. Finals 2013 in World Citizenship Software category.

Viddle @ Yahoo Intern Hack

July 2013, Yahoo HQ

I built Viddle, an iPhone app, which lets you attach short video messages when sharing content(like websites, images, etc.) with your friends. Your friends can browse the content and hear your message at the same time,allowing a seamless yet very personal way to share.

Chosen as one of top ten hacks.
Design credit: Ernest Liu

Aracle @ Facebook & Microsoft Hackathon

Jan 2014, Facebook HQ

We built Aracle, a Windows Phone app which lets users anonymously ask questions and give feedback to first and second degree Facebook connections.

It provides a channel to ask questions that people feel very hesitant to ask if they had to attach their identity to it.

We won the first prize.

Always have a side project, so that you can procrastinate productively.
-  Aza Raskin (@aza)

Hardware Projects

I have always had a passion to tinker around with hardware. I co-founded the Robotics Club at my college, during my freshman year.

Autonomous Rover

with Vex Cortex Microcontroller

This was one of my first Robotics projects at DePauw. It's an autonomous rover that uses a cortex micro-controller and an ultrasonic sensor to navigate it's way around obstacles.

The code was written in RobotC. And I adore Wall-E so I gave it a pair of Wall-E eyes as well.

Arduino Lamp

with Remote iOS Control

This is an iPhone controlled lamp that I built for my Digital Art class. One can power it on/off and also change its colors remotely over wi-fi using the iOS app.

Real artists ship.
-  Steve Jobs

Shipped to App Store

(Some App Store links might be broken. Will be updating them soon.)

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